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Kajetan Wutte, Founder & CEO of AVIALUTIONS

Kajetan Wutte

Kajetan is an avid hobby pilot and aviation specialist. After finishing his studies in Business Management and working in several different fields of economy, he decided to become a pilot (PPL) in the US and his journey in the Private Aviation began. Catched from the spirit of the Aviation Industry and its participants, he now dedicates 100% of his heart and mind to his company and clients.


AVIALUTIONS was founded in early 2018, has its Headquarter in Florida, US and operates in the United States, South America and Europe. 

The main fields of Business are Aircraft Sales & Acquisition as well as Long Term Charter Solutions and Digital Asset Management with focus on the EUROPEAN and LATIN AMERICAN Market. AVIALUTIONS and its Team is specialized in Private Propeller and Jet Engine Aircraft as well as Helicopters.

The Company considers especially its efficient Structure and Flexibility as a plus for its Clients. Furthermore, AVIALUTIONS is developing a tool for Digital Asset Management (in cooperation with PlanRadar GmbH), which shall not only provide an even bigger benefit for Clients but also revolutionize the Industry.